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Who are we?

Imanity Software is a software development company that focuses on Minecraft and Discord. We are a team of developers that are passionate about software development, and we are always looking for new challenges.

We are mainly known for ImanitySpigot. ImanitySpigot is a 1.8 fork of TacoSpigot, and it is a very optimized and stable Spigot fork that has been battle-tested for 4 years. The spigot has developed many revolutionary features that no other competitor has.

We also built many projects such as:

  • ImanityKnockback - Knockback profiles system that allows you to create knockback profiles and apply them to your players with intuitive editor and behaviour structure.
  • Woolwars - Minecraft minigame that is inspired by Hypixel's WoolWars. with powerful in-game editor and intuitive configuration. currently open-sourced and free to use.
  • Fairy - Universal framework that built with Minecraft Plugin in mind, attempts to bring the beauty of Dependency Injection inspired by Spring to Minecraft Plugins.
  • Raisensu - Licensing system built in mind for ImanitySpigot with many features such as product management, update APIs, discord bot, and more.
  • Chiketto - Discord ticket system with features such as categories, questions, activity tracking, and more.
  • Rancha - The launcher program built for being part of ImanitySpigot, with features such as auto-updater, license validation, and library management etc



Hello! I'm LeeGod, the founder of Imanity Software, and currently I'm the main lead developer for all the projects. I start off as a Minecraft server owner, and I have been developing Minecraft plugins since late 2016. I'm skilled in Java, and Kotlin. I'm capable of developing Minecraft plugins via Bukkit/Bungee/Velocity, Discord bots via JDA, and Web backend via Spring Boot.


Hello, I'm Whizyyy, developer at Imanity Software for +3 years. I am a student of Computer Science at the French University, an entrepreneur and also a Java developer for more than 5 years of experience. I have developed a lot for Minecraft, Discord and also some web applications. Passionate about software development, I try to use my skills to create and learn more.