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Licensing System (Raisensu)

Claiming your license

Claiming process are done by using /claim command in Discord.

  1. Join Imanity Discord
  2. Go to channel #🤖┃bot-commands
  3. Type /claim
  4. Select the product you want to claim
  5. Enter your BuiltByBit username
  6. Find your verify conversation in BuiltByBit Conversations page
  7. You should see a message contains your /2factor command in the BuiltByBit conversation
  8. Execute your /2factor command in Imanity Discord
  9. Done! Now you can check your license info by using !license in Raisensu#6662's private message.

If you have any problems or difficult claiming your license, please open a ticket in Imanity Discord!

What is IP Whitelists/Limit?

We will record the IP of your host/machine. For example, if you have 2 IP Whitelists and you have two machines with IPs and, this will count as 2 IPs.

Therefore, if you try to start the server on a host that is different from the IP in our database, it will fail to start.

You don’t need to add IP manually. Once you start the server, our system will automatically record the IP.


It is based on IP rather than the number of machines/hosts. This means that if you have multiple machines (for example, 5) running with the same IP, they will not be counted as 5 recorded IPs.

How to clear my IP records?

This can be done via using the discord command /clear-ip-records.

If you have multiple licenses, You can also use /clear-ip-records <license> to specify the license.


This command has a restriction to prevent abuse. You can only clear IP records once every 48 hours. Illegal key size

You are using any Java version before Java 8 u162, we highly suggest you update to the latest Java 8 possible.

If for any reason you need to use the current Java version, you will need to download JCE Unlimited Strength and extract the jar files from the zip and save them in ${java.home}/jre/lib/security