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Commands and Permission


You can use /wl as an alias when using command!

Player commands

These commands are available to all players by default and don't require any permissions.

/woolwars selectSelect an arena.
/woolwars join [arena]Join an arena. If no arena is specified, a random arena will be selected.
/woolwars leaveLeave the arena.
/woolwars statsCheck your stats.

Admin commands

These commands are only available to players with woolwars.admin permission.

/woolwars arenaManage arenas.
/woolwars arena create <id>Create a new arena.
/woolwars arena delete <id>Delete a arena.
/woolwars arena edit <id> [team-id]Edit an arena. (Edit team if team-id is specified)
/woolwars kitManage kits.
/woolwars kit listList all kits.
/woolwars kit create <kit id>Create a new kit.
/woolwars kit delete <kit id>Delete a kit.
/woolwars kit edit <kit id>Edit a kit.
/woolwars kit saveSave the content of the kit you were editing.
/woolwars kit cancelCancel the kit editing.
/woolwars kit goalblockGather the goal block item.
/woolwars setlobbySet the global lobby location.
/woolwars modulesCheck module information.
/woolwars reloadReload the plugin.