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Here you will find our pricing for each service we offer. The currency we use is USD, and we accept payment via Tebex Checkout.

Base Price

All pricing listed below are the base price for each service from scale small to large. It's for reference only, and the actual price may vary depending on the features you requested. But you can use this as a reference to estimate the price for your order.

If the service you looking for is not listed below, please contact us via Discord!

Minecraft Plugin10$+60$+150$+
Discord Bot10$+60$+150$+
Web Backendx100$+250$+

Scale Explanation

  • Small means that the plugin is pretty simple, a command or two, simple menus, and simple features.
    • Your order can be expected to be delivered within 1 ~ 2 days normally.
  • Medium means that the plugin is a more complex, semi-complex game mechanics, features, or a very simple mini-game such as Spleef.
    • Your order can be expected to be delivered within 3 days ~ 1 week normally.
  • Large means that the plugin is a large scale game mechanics, core, a large scale mini-game, or anything beyond that.
    • Your order can be expected to be delivered within 1 week~ normally.

The real world case is never just small, medium, or large! your project may be in between 2 sizes.


Use the real world projects we owned to explain the scale of each project.

  • WoolWars a complex mini-game with high customization, and a lot of features, is a large project.
  • ImanityPracticeAddon a plugin that connects API of a lot of practice core, may fall to small project or small to medium if you request to connect with a lot of practice core.


Here is the optional service for every service we offer. Anything listed below is optional, and you can request it to be added to your order. If you didn't request any of the optional features, it won't be added to your order by default. The pricing listed below are mostly multiplier, and will be applied to the base price of the service. For example your base project is 100 USD, and you requested 2 optional features, which is 10% and 20% of the base price, the total price will be 100 + (100 * 10%) + (100 * 20%) = 140 USD.

Applied to all services

ContentPricing (% based on base price)
After-sale support10%
Style customization (messages.yml etc)5% ~ 25%
API interface0% ~ 15%
Full ownership30%


  • After-sale support means that you will be able to contact us for any issues regarding your order after it is delivered.
  • Style customization means that you can request to change the style of the order, such as the messages, embeds, etc. normally this is only available for Discord bots and Minecraft plugins.
  • API interface means that you can request to add an API interface to your order, it may be a REST API, or a Java API, or any other kind of API. This will only be 0% if your order is only for an API to be used by other plugins ( TablistAPI etc.), otherwise it will be 15%.
  • Full ownership means that you will be the full owner of the order, and you can do whatever you want with it.
    • If without full ownership, we get to keep the rights to use the order for our own projects or other commissions.
    • You can decide to let us transfer the GitHub repository to you, or you can keep it under our organization.

Applied to Minecraft Plugins

ContentPricing (% based on base price)
Wide server version support20%+


  • Wide server version support means that we will support your order for all the server versions that we support, which is 1.8.8 ~ 1.19.3. (This may add dependency such as ProtocolLib)


Youtubers / Streamers

Youtubers and streamers often builds large events where plugin are mostly being used for only that event. We are willing to offer a discount for those who are willing to use our plugin for their events if you are willing to give us a little advertisement!


We have the right to decide whether we offer a discount to you.

A link in the description5%
Brief advertisement in the video (5 ~ 20 sec)10%
Large advertisement in the entire event10% ~ 50%

If you wish to get the discount, please specify it in the ticket and link to your social media, and what kind of advertisement you are willing to do!

Global Discount

All the pricing above doesn't contain any discount, and the actual price may vary depending on the discount (sale, coupon, etc.) you have.

If you have a coupon, you still need to write the full price in the order form, and put your coupon code in the coupon code field.